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🛍Therapy Welcomes You Back!💝

Dear Ladies, Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Oh what a blessed relief to open our doors on Monday 12th April - only 1 day away😁

I am longing to see Petworth come back to life. Living in the centre of town, it has been sad to see all of the shops shut and no one milling about. Our wee corner of the town - Golden Square and the Old Bakery - I think is now the most vibrant spot. We’ve got Red Card opening a big, new premises, Cherry‘s Bakery opening🥐, al fresco dining from Cherry’s Deli. I can’t wait to admire all the beautiful blooms outside Spriggs🌸🌼

We will open with a mix of new Spring stock and what’s left of our Winter Sale - so there’ll be plenty of bargains as well as plenty of colour!

Ooh, a wee glimpse of our Sale stock. Since we’ve been closed for so long, I’ve reduced everything to less than half price😕sad for me - but great news for you!

Not only do you have Sale bargains to rummage, but I decided to take at least £10 off all of our summer shoes! As you can imagine, having been closed for over 7 out of the last 12 months 🙀🙀🙀we’ve got a bit of extra stock, and I just feel like a good clear-out!

I have so missed the company of my staff and customers - so many dear friends, all of you. Here’s to a bumper summer and a safe (and open!) passage through the remainder of the pandemic.

love, Laura xx😘

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