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Squishy Fuzzy Snuggly Lovely Knits😊💗

Hello Ladies, it’s September already. How did that happen?!

It feels great to banish the remains of summer and transform Therapy with the most delicious textures and colours. Who can resist a plush faux fur coat or a fuzzy, rainbow coloured knit?

Well it seems that you lovely ladies can’t! Since our first delivery of Amazing Woman knits, you’ve been delightedly buying them in several colours at a time. At £69, in One Size, with 5 styles to choose from and umpteen different colours, I’m not surprised!

Here’s a wee taster for you. Yummy.

Now you can see why you all need more than one!

We even have these lovely new colours in your favourite Anna rollneck (Along with all the usual ones of course!)

It’s nearly three months since Therapy reopened and Petworth is (almost) back to its bustling best. Okay so we’re still short of a few of our favourite eateries (I am so grateful that I’m not in hospitality right now😬) but I am encouraged and grateful to all of you for supporting our lovely town of Petworth. Our “new normal” is still very strange, and I’m apprehensive about the winter ahead. But if we all keep doing what we each do best, and being kind then I’m sure we’ll get through it.

So clad yourselves in colour and cosiness and take care. Laura x 🤗

Lovely! 😁

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