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Much Summer Loveliness!💕

Hello my Lovelies, it is now nearly a month since Therapy reopened her doors. Thank you to all of you who bravely ventured through them bringing good cheer and much needed revenue🙏 Since our initial flurry of activity the good old British weather has conspired against us🌧 I know I’m Scottish and should be immune to wind and rain, but there’s a reason I moved to the South coast! Still, come rain or shine I can guarantee that Therapy will always offer a warm welcome and a tempting array of colourful clothing and accessories.

As I mentioned in my last mailout, while the country was in lockdown Therapy celebrated her 16th birthday. Sweet 16, where did the time go? I am regularly made painfully aware of this when my customers, who once shopped with toddlers in tow, are now accompanied by strapping sons and stunning daughters who are off to (or through) university and heading towards families of their own.

On a more prosaic note, Chris and I regularly remark on our 16 year old bargain flooring which was "not intended for rooms with heavy footfall". How wrong they were!

This week I used the quietness of a rainy day to move everything around. I get such pleasure from trying out different colour combinations. I really should have studied painting instead of sculpture. What do you think of my artworks?!

As you may have noticed, I am still getting to grips with the technological aspects of my new website. Thank heavens you don't love me for my computer skills!

Until next time, Love, Laura xx

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