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Thank You Georgie and Reciprocity

Hello Ladies, do you like our super-duper revamped Therapy website?! It comes to us courtesy of my dearest friend Georgie. Some of you may know Georgie’s shop in Pound Street, Petworth: Kissed By Betty. It is a wee haven of glamorous and quirky interior treasures. But she wears another hat - Georgie Gaines Creative Consultancy: designing websites, offering ways to maximise your social media be honest, I don’t understand all the things she can do, so if you’re interested then why don’t you get in touch: or 07734865690.

So that’s the practical bit, but what this has really got me thinking about is RECIPROCITY. The dictionary definition is: the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. Lauren Hill sings about reciprocity in relationships, while Social Psychologists confirm that “reciprocity increases psychological well-being”. Nice!

What did this mean for Georgie and me? In a panic I called my friend – what will I do, I need a new website?! Unaware of Georgie’s talents I was just looking for a supportive ear. I got that, but I also discovered that her skills, experience, creativity, knowledge of my customers and passion for designing websites made her the perfect choice to do the job. So without fuss and risk, my dilemma was solved. Phew.

In return Georgie has a project to get excited about, a new website to show to potential customers and a well-earned pay-cheque. And we have the pleasure and satisfaction of supporting each other – in our friendship, as women in business, as retailers within our local community. Reciprocity. Lovely.

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