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Lockdown Loveliness💞

Hello Ladies, well, here we go again! Yes, I know, I’m a bit tardy so we’ve already gone...But better late than never!

I thought I’d add a few photos of your favourite Amazing Woman cord and velvet jeans, and also more photos of their best-selling jumpers.

Okay, so this is Vera - one size, viscose mix (machine washable & Moth proof!) £69. The colours I have are: from left to right: Panna, Purple, Royal, Green, Silver Marl, Pumpkin.

And this is our best-selling Anna! Same as above - one size, viscose mix, £69. The colours are, from left to right:

Pink, Off White, Royal Marl, Emerald, Satsuma, Purple, Mustard, Mint, Yellow, Royal, Apple, Green, Black, Pear, Grey Marl, Red.

Now, if you‘d like some yummy cord or velvet jeans to go with your favourite knits then here is what we have:

Straight leg cords in colours: top, left to right: Black, Forest, Blue, Navy. Bottom, left to right: Pink, Aubergine, Stone, Beige. All available in standard UK size 8 - 16.

Velvet straight leg jeans: top, left to right: Cloud, Red, Black. Bottom left to right: Petrol, Mole, Pink. Also available in standard UK size 8-16.

Having said that😬some of the sizes are out of stock for us. But if there is a size/colour that you’d like then I’ll do my best to get it for you.

I know there are lots of other yummy things in Therapy that you just can’t get your hands on! So if you’ve peered through the windows and seen anything you’d like then just give me a call on 01798 345 224 or email me on

Good luck with everything Ladies and we so look forward to seeing you at the start of December☃️🎅🎄 love, Laura xx

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