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Colour, Glorious Colour!!🌈

Hello dear Ladies,

I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with Therapy being open that I quite forgot to say hello online😬

And now we finally have sunshine - what joy. I must admit, I got quite skilled at dressing for outdoor, endurance socialising before the sun came out and we were allowed to eat indoors: What a Godsend fingerless gloves are when devouring a delicious burger from The Angel!🍔🍟😋

Now we have summer weather I have filled the shop with gorgeous, affordable linens from our beloved Amazing Woman. I hope you agree Therapy is looking suitably cheerful!

Did I tell you that we’ve taken at least £10 off our summer shoes? Now we can wear them our shoes sales have picked up, so don’t leave it too long to pop in and try on.🩴🥿👠

Since we‘re talking about shoes I have a confession to make: This will be our last season for our La Badia pumps🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 After stocking them for over 16 years I have finally accepted that it is time to stop. Blame Brexit, blame COVID, but it is no longer possible to import them at a reasonable price and make any money on them🙁

So if you love your La Badias then you’d better get in quick!

Here’s another photo to distract you from that sad news! It’s only the beginning of June so we have at least another three months of summer. Let’s embrace the sunshine, embrace our loved ones and embrace colour!

Love & hugs🤗

Laura xxx

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