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🤒Can You Help Us With Your COVID Experiences?!🙏

Hello Ladies,

If you are reading this having received my email, thank you🙏 I will try to explain as simply as possible what our insurance company are looking for as proof that “COVID manifested on our premises” in the periods:

Early March to 22nd March 2020

15th June to 4th November 2020

2nd December to 24th December 2020

As I said in my email, they are not expecting “proof” that you visited Therapy - confirmation in writing from you that you came into our shop during any of the above dates will suffice.

Okay, here goes!

1. Documentary evidence from the relevant period (with a valid date) such as text messages, emails and even voicemails/call recordings confirming that you had a positive COVID-19 test or displayed symptoms.

2. Any other forms of documents/correspondence e.g. letters or GP/hospital documents confirming you had a positive COVID-19 test or displayed symptoms.

3. A positive COVID-19 test result.

4. A medical diagnosis of COVID-19 other than by positive test result including for example GP records recording that a person was displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

5. A self-isolation certificate obtained by notification of symptoms to NHS 111.

Phew, that’s it...although they then go on to say that this list is not exhaustive! So I guess if you have any other way to confirm then it might be useful.

We have been paying our “Business Interruption Insurance” for the last 17 years and, having been forced to close for 7 of the previous 12 months, our wee shop sorely needs this. I understand that this is a big ask, but if any of you can help then we will be forever grateful.

You can contact me on: Our home number: 01798 345 224, my mobile: 07970 64 32 66, or by email on:

Thank you all of you for even trying to help!

love, Laura x

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