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Autumn Layers are Lovely!🧤🧣👢

Hello Ladies, Autumn is here and face masks are not the only accessory you’ll be wearing! We’ve taken delivery of some fabulous scarves, gloves, hats, belts, socks...come and see for yourselves.

I hope you’ll love these colourful wool accessories from Mackie in Scotland. We have beautiful Fairisle patterns and rainbow stripes - so snuggly and cheerful😁

Here’s a wee photographic reminder of our fab Toni Pons Boots🥾👢We don’t have loads so don’t leave it too long before you pop in and try them on.

And if you prefer your clothes in more muted tones then never fear: Part Two have created a lovely quilted coat and jacket and a cosy wool coat all in warm sand. We also have a great selection of tops, jeans , skirts and knits in shades of olive, rust and brown.

😆🌈💙 But don’t panic, we still have a continuous influx of our favourite Amazing Woman knits in every colour imaginable. But it seems that as fast as I order them, you buy them! And who can blame you, they’re fabulous!

So go on, cheer yourselves up with a wee visit to us for laughter and a bit of retail Therapy🛍🎁💝 Love, Laura xx

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