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I’ve been thinking about the colour blue: The blue skies of Lockdown which boosted my mood every morning; the satisfying blue glaze of my neighbour’s plant pot; Paul Newman’s eyes; the clarity of an aqua ocean; our favourite pair of blue jeans; a carpet of Bluebells...

In early Spring I was greeted on my morning dog-walks by a plethora of blue wildflowers: Bluebells, Speedwells, Violets, Forget-Me-Nots, and more I couldn’t name.

I was convinced that Mother Nature had presented an aesthetic carpet of blue blooms for my delectation alone – moved as I was by the pleasing blend of such a variety of blues. Alas, She is more prosaic than that: “Oh yes, the blue blooms appeal to the insects that hatch at this time of year” my gardening friend pronounced, little knowing the disappointment she caused in my sentimental heart!

At Therapy we always have lots of blue on offer: shoes, clothes, boots, jewellery (although blue jewellery is hard to find). This is not just because I love blue – but because you love it too! And blue loves us:

On the whole we Brits tend to have rather blue-toned skin colouring, rather than the olive-tones of our Mediterranean neighbours. Thus we look better in shades of blue. Blue flatters our reddish-brown hair and look stunning with our increasingly popular silver locks. Blue works with so many colours: Nautical navy & white; denim blue with...everything! Cornflower blue with this season’s yellows; Sky blue linen with a suntan. Yum.

And lastly, I can’t talk about blue without mentioning my favourite Joni Mitchell album of the same name. Blue formed the soundtrack to my youth and is still my most popular choice for singing in the shower. Thank you Joni!

I wonder how you feel about blue? Love, Laura x

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