Dressing Tips


If you have a voluminous top then balance it with a slim bottom - like skinny jeans in the summer or leggings and boots in the winter. And if you're wearing a full skirt or wide leg trousers then team them with a fitted top - not too long. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule, so play around.



We all have colours that we love but think we don't suit. Don't panic - just wear the colour away from your face and mix with neutrals - for example, orange jeans with a navy or white knit. Or try accessorising in a fashion colour. Adding a statement ring and belt in the same colour can tie a whole look together.



Help! There are no standard sizes. Every brand uses different sizing, every garment is a different size. And, of course, we're all different. That's why it's vital to try clothes before you buy. Our mantra is BUY THE SIZE THAT FITS YOU! Don't be embarrassed if the size is bigger than you normally wear - it isn't. If it fits then it's the same size as all your other clothes. 





Nowadays we like our fabrics natural - cotton, wool, silk...but did you know that many man made fibres are made from natural sources? VISCOSE and TENCEL are made from wood pulp. MODAL is made from bamboo: Great breathable, easy-care fabrics.

Manufacturers often mix natural fibres with a little nylon (polyamide). Don't panic! This gives a garment strength and longevity and won't affect the qualities of the natural fibres.


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