If we had a crystal ball then we'd always have the perfect mix of styles and sizes for our customers! As it is, we have to resort to experience. We order our clothing ranges six months ahead of the season and it's anyone's guess what the weather will do. So we buy with knowledge of our customers' lifestyles and we buy what we love. Because if we love it then usually you do too.  


Masai is another Danish collection. We love Danish clothes! They specialise in print and easy-care viscose fabrics in shapes which skim and flatter. Perfect, if like me, you have bits you'd like to disguise! And by easy-care I mean in the washing machine, dry on a hanger and no ironing. Bliss. Masai doesn't always have hanger-appeal but do try this on - the cut and fit are excellent. Enjoy! .

Amazing Woman

This UK based jeans brand is my favorite. The fabrics are innovative, the colours are imaginative, they fit to the waist and the prices are very competitive.They now do a fantastic range of knitwear in a rainbow of colours to complement their jeans - hooray!



This British company designs great linen pieces in summer and interesting jersey and velvet for winter - perfect if you like a more relaxed silhouette and enjoy layering. The quality of their fabrics and craftsmanship is excellent. Enjoy! 


The famous Not Your Daughters Jeans were created by American Lisa Rudes Sandel in 2002 during the craze for hipsters. Unable to find a jean that would fit her womanly shape, she invented some. Thank you Lisa! The key to their magic fit and comfort? The stretch denim contains 4% Lycra and stretches in both directions; they fit properly on the waist with an unstiffened waistband - so no muffin top; they have a panel of stitching inside which holds in your tummy - amazing! We have been selling these wonder jeans for 15 years and they have never let us down. They need to be fitted properly though. So when we get a bit bossy over the size you need - trust us, we know what we're talking about! We stock UK size 4 - 22 (fitting size 8 - 24).

Fashionable Woman


This sustainable fashion collection was founded in Australia in 1995 and launched in the UK in 2002. We introduced it into the shop last season and our customers love it! They use a lot of organic cotton, bamboo viscose and, in summer, lots of hemp. The fabric quality is fantastic, the fit and sizing is generous and the original print designs are quirky and beautiful. Add to that its affordable pricing and we have a sure-fire winner!


Part Two

Another Dane! We've stocked this collection since we opened, and for good reason. The designs are simple, the quality is excellent and the Scandinavian fit suits our customers. You’ll find great-fitting trousers, paired-back knits, brilliant outerwear and lots of natural fibres. Fabulous!


Rino & Pelle

Like Sandwich, this is another Dutch company. They specialise in outerwear and many of you will already have one of their clever faux leather jackets or their snuggly Teddy Bear coat. Their prices are excellent and they do brilliant faux fur accessories in Winter.



SANDWICH: I wanted this collection from The Netherlands when we first opened Therapy but I had to wait 13 years before it became available!! I'm delighted with their great designs, clever use of fabrics, stylish yet casual vibe and affordable prices - and by the way it's selling it seems that you are too!



This is a new Spanish collection. My husband Chris spotted it at a trade show - well done hubby! The prices are great and they do lots of easy shapes with interesting details and in lovely fabric combinations. 


If you've read through all of this then it's time you paid us a visit! And if you're too far away to drop by - don't worry. We're always happy to take calls, send photos and advise you so that you can buy long distance. Just ask.

Laura x