About Us

Who is Therapy?


Laura Woodham, co-owner & buying director. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. A Fine Art graduate. Trained at Jenners department store, Edinburgh. Worked as a men's fashion buyer then director of womenswear for Chris in London. Loves: Having fun with friends & family, sculpting, yoga, chocolate, Elvis, singing, spending all day in my PJs (which never happens!) 

Chris Woodham, co-owner & finance director. Born in Guildford, Surrey. Worked for Levis in the 1970s & 80s before setting up his own fashion distribution and marketing agency in London. Loves: Bess, our Boxador ("the daughter he never had"!), a good story, people with core values, clay pigeon shooting, cooking & patrolling Petworth Park in his role as Voluntary Park Ranger. 

Ann Harper, Senior Sales Supervisor. Born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Started her varied career with a riding school in Dorset before working as a beauty consultant for a number of London department stores. From there she opened her own beauty salon in Epsom then moved to Sussex where she ran her own gift and accessory stores. Loves: Country walks, drawing & painting, visiting antique fairs, gardening, spending time with her family.   

HOW DID THERAPY GET STARTED? Laura: In November 2003 I passed through Petworth and fell in love...with the town! Chris and I had become disillusioned with London and I was missing being a shopkeeper. We found an old butchers shop and 6 months later we opened Therapy.

WHY IS THE SHOP CALLED THERAPY? Laura: Having worked in the cut-throat world of designer fashion, it was my dream to have a shop where the clothes and not the labels were important. I wanted a warm & welcoming environment where normal sized women could find individual, flattering, good quality clothes at a reasonable price - proper retail therapy! 

WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY? Chris: Our aim is to offer the opposite of impersonal internet shopping. Our customers know that they can come to us not only for knowledgeable advice but also for a bit of TLC. Buying online may be convenient but it can't replace the care with which we tailor our ranges to suit our regulars and ensure they leave with, for instance, the perfect jeans or shoes for them.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THERAPY? Ann: It's very satisfying when we see our customers looking great in the clothes that we've chosen. But it's even more satisfying when they share their highs and lows with us. Dogs get a biscuit and customers get hugs if they're required! Therapy is part of the Petworth community and that's what really makes our efforts worthwhile.